PR Transformation Journey

PR Transformation Journey

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Case Study

Breaking the Ice: Snow Peak Capital’s PR Transformation Journey



Snow Peak Capital, an operationally-focused Private Equity group, thrived in the shadows of the lower middle market, aligning with owner-operators and management teams alike. But as they prepared to disclose their first strategic acquisition, a formidable hurdle emerged: a lack of brand awareness. They needed more than just a PR team; they sought expertise coupled with profound insights into the Private Equity media landscape.


Enter Chameleon Collective. Our PR maestros, with their finger on the pulse of the industry, collaborated intensively with Snow Peak and their acquisition focus, Sandy Alexander. This synergy birthed a potent messaging blueprint. Crafting not just a press release but tailoring internal communications with Sandy Alexander, we sculpted a narrative that resonated. But strategy without preparation is like a ship without a compass. We fortified Snow Peak’s executives with meticulous media training, ensuring they were primed for the grand announcement. Equipped with a vast network, our team pinpointed media stakeholders, those aligning perfectly with Snow Peak’s narrative and industry focus.


The results? Nothing short of monumental. Snow Peak Capital emerged from the shadows, illuminating the media landscape. They garnered a staggering 22 earned media articles and a breathtaking 50 million impressions nationwide. From the revered pages of the Wall Street Journal to the digital domains of TechCrunch, Snow Peak’s acquisition wasn’t just news; it was the news. Through strategic partnership, a once “stealth mode” firm became the talk of the town.


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