Radiant Brand Evolution

Radiant Brand Evolution

Case Study

Crafting Radiance: The Birth of the Luminora™ Brand 



The Luminora™ team, a self-funded startup offering an avant-garde sun-protective clothing line, had big product visions but no direction where to start, or how to execute, its branding.


Guided by Chameleon Collective’s Fabian Geyrhalter, the RESONAID workshop in Miami delved deep into defining Luminora’s essence, positioning, and vision. Resulting in the philosophy ‘enjoy your moments in the sun,’ it epitomized the brand’s core and the emotions of wearing their patented fabrics. The brand name, ‘Luminora™’, melded “Lumin” (light in Latin) and “Dora” (gift in Greek) to symbolize the “Gift of Light.” This belief was visually symbolized with a protective eye logotype surrounded by golden rays, reflecting the sun’s embrace. Tropical colors illustrated the brand’s natural habitats, and the ‘luminology™’ fabric was introduced, enriching Luminora’s brand narrative.


By the project’s conclusion, Luminora™ was more than just a startup clothing line; it was a radiant brand story told with consistency, clarity, and charisma. The refined branding captivated their audience, harmoniously linking the brand’s core values with the desires and aspirations of their clientele.


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