Rebranding Finance

Rebranding Finance

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Sprinting Ahead in Finance: Helping Anchory Carve its Niche



Peak Vantage Wealth, a financial wealth advisory from the heart of Texas, recognized the challenge of standing out in a saturated market. Desiring a distinct positioning and brand identity that would resonate with its core values, they sought a transformation that would establish them as the go-to consultancy for a select few.


Fabian initiated the process with a hands-on Resonaid Brand Strategy session in Austin. Through a comprehensive analysis, the target demographic was defined to focus on US-based affluent families leading an active lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the founder’s athletic background and the consultancy’s vision, a niche within professional sports became evident. Crafting the name and logo for ANCHORY, a deliberate effort was made to symbolize progression, adaptability, and expertise. The custom italic typeface exemplified forward movement and encapsulated the essence of swift financial growth, the athleticism of its target audience, and the firm’s progressive ethos. Intricately designed, the letterforms A & Y mirrored each other, symbolizing the comprehensive financial advice provided – from inception to fruition.


The re-introduced ANCHORY brand stood as a testament to empowerment and forward-thinking in the financial world. Its deep navy hue, synonymous with stability, authority, and unity, fortified its commitment to serving clients with unmatched expertise. The rebrand not only elevated Peak Vantage Wealth’s presence in the market but also resonated deeply with a niche audience, ensuring a stable trajectory towards growth and prominence.

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