Reinventing Brand Identity

Reinventing Brand Identity

Case Study

Reinventing Health Data Vision’s Brand Identity for the Tech Age



Health Data Vision (HDV), an esteemed Inc 5000 company, stood at a pivotal crossroad. With a legacy of providing software solutions to support quality improvement, risk adjustment, and compliance in healthcare, HDV realized the time had come to evolve. The transition they were seeking was not just a surface-level change; HDV was looking to shift its identity from a service-based firm to a cutting-edge technology provider. However, such an evolution required more than just operational adjustments; it demanded a fresh brand image that would clearly signify this monumental shift.


Chameleon Collective embarked on an intensive one-day brand strategy workshop with Health Data Vision (HDV). The focus was to crystallize HDV’s evolution from a service-driven entity to a technology dynamo. We defined the product as ‘a hyper-connected platform’ and anchored it’s mission in offering ‘transparency, choice, and control within government-sponsored healthcare’, all grounded on the brand DNA of ‘community.’ Recognizing the importance of a resonant brand name for this transformation, we conceptualized ‘Reveleer’, inspired by ‘revelation’, encapsulating the brand’s mission and vision in the tech landscape.


Reveleer didn’t just mark a new name but signified HDV’s rebirth in the tech domain. The meticulously crafted brand identity and name resonated with the internal team and external stakeholders alike. As Team Health Data Vision geared up for their brand re-launch under the Reveleer banner, the rejuvenated brand image empowered them, fostering clearer communication and embodying their tech-forward mission. Today, Reveleer stands as a testament to a successful transition, with a name that feels like it’s always been there.



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