Reshaping Communication Strategy

Reshaping Communication Strategy

Case Study

Breaking Through the Noise: Reframe Financial’s Journey to Distinctive Messaging



Reframe Financial, a budding insurtech innovator, was poised to reshape long-term care insurance for the GenX and Millennial demographics. But before they could open their virtual doors, a challenge arose: how could they distinctively communicate their value in an already saturated marketplace? The goal wasn’t just about being different; it was about resonating deeply with their niche audience.


The Chameleon Collective team went beyond the surface, embedding ourselves with Reframe FInancial’s leadership to truly fathom their unique selling points. Our research extended to understanding the dual pressures faced by GenXers, commonly referred to as the “Sandwich” generation. Their unique plight—juggling parental responsibilities with the care of aging loved ones, all while planning their own futures—became the core of our messaging. Crafting a comprehensive corporate messaging strategy wasn’t just about articulation; it was about empathy. In a sector often portrayed as detached, we reshaped Reframe Financial’s narrative. We shifted from generic to genuine, from transactional to transformational. This newly minted guidebook informed their revamped web content and became the cornerstone of all external communication, encapsulating the emotional and pragmatic needs of their audience.


With messaging that truly mattered, Reframe Financial was not just another insurtech on the block. Their renewed website and communication materials not only echoed their audience’s concerns but also their hopes. Now, Reframe Financial confidently stands shoulder to shoulder with global insurance titans, challenging legacy insurtech narratives and proving that with the right message, even the newest player can make a lasting impact.


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