Revamped Brand and Proposition

Revamped Brand and Proposition

Case Study

Rebirth in the Remittance Realm: The London Firm’s Transformation


Challenge: The prominent money transfer firm based in London found itself facing stagnation in its brand strategy and identity. The prevailing brand atmosphere had become lackluster, failing to reflect the dynamism and innovation inherent to the company. The need was evident: a rejuvenation that would breathe new life into their brand, making it resonate with current market trends and audience preferences while ensuring an authentic story is being told.


Approach: Chameleon Collective, armed with a deep understanding of the FinTech landscape and an astute design sensibility, undertook the mission of revitalizing the firm’s brand strategy and identity. We delved into the essence of the company, identifying key areas of opportunity and transformation. 

The process was comprehensive yet swift, spanning from the very foundations of brand strategy to the tangible nuances of design. The reinvention was carried out across all media touchpoints to ensure consistency and potency.



The fruits of Chameleon Collective’s labor were evident and quantifiable. Upon testing the revamped visual brand and proposition, the client was astounded by the overwhelmingly positive response. Not only did visual favorability shoot up by 60%, but there was also a remarkable 30% uptick in the recall of the brand story. The rejuvenated brand identity and atmosphere seamlessly aligned with the company’s ethos, creating an impactful and lasting impression on its audience.


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Fabian Geyrhalter

Fabian Geyrhalter

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