Revitalized Game Play

Revitalized Game Play

Case Study

Redefining Game Play: Marmalade’s Strategic Digital Transition



Marmalade Game Studio, a frontrunner in converting classic board games into digital masterpieces, had a predicament. Despite possessing an enviable portfolio with titans like Monopoly and Clue, the studio found itself in a vortex of ineffective paid media, with investments not yielding the anticipated ROI. The creative driving their campaign spectrum hadn’t faced the litmus test of optimization. Compounding these challenges was the absence of a social media or community-oriented talent pool, crucial for their core audience. The team, albeit passionate, lacked the experience and cohesive vision essential to propel the studio to greater echelons.


Navigating the tangled web of Marmalade’s challenges, a detailed evaluation of the efficacy of existing paid media investments was undertaken, leading to necessary adjustments. A comprehensive marketing roadmap was then laid out, designed with an eye on both immediate wins and scalable future growthEvery portfolio and channel’s performance was critically analyzed to unearth untapped revenue streams. To keep the pulse on ongoing campaigns and ensure clarity of purpose within the team, a dynamic reporting system was instituted. Lastly, the studio’s collaborative paradigm was reinvented, fostering stronger, mutually beneficial relationships with external partners.


These strategic interventions transformed Marmalade’s market presence. Monopoly soared to 5th place on the AppStore chart for the whole of 2022, reflecting this revamped effort. This not only optimized ROI but also achieved substantial budgetary savings. Innovative pricing strategies unlocked higher revenues, while a meticulous app store audit boosted mobile conversions. Fresh marketing campaigns further amplified Marmalade’s brand visibility. Pivoting from an ad-centric model to emphasizing social media, community engagement, and content creation, brought in a diverse, expansive audience to the Marmalade fold.

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