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SR had created the patient engagement solution sector, but had been losing share to new entrants for several years. Having grown the category since inception, their challenge was no longer to convince healthcare offices to implement the technology, but to demonstrate why SR was superior to its competitors – in other words – conquest sales.


We took a deep dive into what truly set their service apart – focusing on the core capabilities (major time savers) that customers use on a daily basis. Having identified where SR had product superiority, we then created engaging, animated videos that demonstrated its ease of use vs. the inefficiencies and restrictions in competitors’ solutions – in other words – classic Product Marketing. We completed a major repositioning of the website – not just shifting the narrative – but transforming it into an interactive showcase of SR’s prowess. The video snippets eliminated the need for site visitors to read large chunks of complicated content – and instead – vividly illustrated SR’s seamless user experience and superiority. They were also punchy enough to be deployed on Search landing pages to drive more traffic to the website.


When the revamped website went live, the results were immediate and dramatic. Every vital metric (from bounce rates to time on site/ engagement) showed a marked improvement compared to the prior month (with the old site). Most tellingly, the pivotal metric – demo requests – soared by an incredible 1,167%.

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