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Sales Training & Enablement

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Strategically Placing a VP of Marketing: A Global Microlearning Firm’s Journey



A global microlearning company, navigating a fiercely competitive, candidate-driven market, faced the challenge of finding a VP of Marketing. This role, reporting directly to the CEO, demanded a candidate adept in digital transformation and experienced in working with private equity firms. The company required a visionary leader who could craft customer journeys for major enterprise firms and assist in identifying a Head of Sales, all within their SaaS-based business model.


Chameleon Collective entered the scene as a trusted advisor to the CEO, referred by a mutual contact at their PE firm. Our approach was twofold: first, to thoroughly understand the company’s unique requirements and market challenges; second, to dive into our extensive network of top-tier candidates. We curated a list of potential candidates, each with proven experience in digital transformation and private equity. Our search was meticulous, focusing on individuals who not only possessed the necessary skills but also aligned with the company’s vision and culture.


The outcome was the successful placement of a highly skilled VP of Marketing, a digital transformation expert with relevant industry experience. This strategic hire not only fulfilled the immediate leadership need but also set the stage for creating impactful customer journeys and bolstering the company’s sales leadership. Chameleon Collective’s precise and thoughtful matchmaking led to a significant enhancement in the company’s strategic marketing capabilities, poised for future growth.

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