Seemless System Integration

Seemless System Integration

Case Study

Orchestrating Intellihealth’s Seamless Transition from B2B to B2C



Intellihealth, a formidable player in the medical obesity treatment space, had recently broadened its horizon. Having previously joined forces with Chameleon Collective to fortify their B2B martech infrastructure, they now embarked on a B2C voyage. The challenge? Crafting a robust, compliant technology and strategy backbone that seamlessly ushers prospective customers from their first touchpoint to their admission into the treatment program.


Understanding Intellihealth’s interim inclination towards Pardot and Salesforce, our team at Chameleon Collective envisioned a dual-purpose strategy. We architected a process tailored to cater to both B2B and B2C contacts. Recognizing the overlaps, we accounted for individuals who might straddle both realms – being business contacts and potential end-users. And, given the company’s medical scope, ensuring HIPPA compliance and privacy parameters was paramount.


With our strategy, Intellihealth was quick off the blocks, integrating their initial B2C customer sources within a month. We innovated by devising dual user profiles within Salesforce to segregate B2B and B2C data, and pioneered a custom API for seamless customer integration into the healthcare management system. Over half a year, we’ve enhanced our framework, incorporating functionalities like external eligibility verifications and multiple enrollment attempts across varied programs. The outcome? More than 2,000 potential customers were processed from an array of five organizations within months.


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