Web Redesign

Web Redesign

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Case Study

A Navigational Triumph: Origina’s Web Redesign Journey



Origina, in the midst of expanding its brand presence, faced challenges with its existing WordPress website. The existing design did not reflect the evolving direction of the company and suffered from navigational deficiencies. Furthermore, the platform lacked the flexibility needed to accommodate fresh content, and its performance, especially on mobile devices, left much to be desired.


Chameleon Collective embarked on a comprehensive redesign journey for Origina. We initiated the process with WordPress development, ensuring the platform’s alignment with Origina’s new brand narrative. Recognizing the global footprint of Origina, we integrated multi-language support. Additionally, we incorporated Marketo to fortify their marketing capabilities, and optimized GTM and Optimize experiences. One of the significant add-ons was the inclusion of intuitive mega menus, facilitating user-friendly navigation. Prioritizing performance, we enhanced the website’s speed and ensured it adhered to SEO best practices.


The transformation was palpable. Origina’s website became a beacon of user-centric design, boasting seamless navigation and heightened user experience. Beyond aesthetics, the site now effectively showcased Origina’s diverse service palette and underscored their technical acumen. The integration with Marketo and the addition of multi-language support ensured that Origina’s reach was both expansive and impactful, positioning them favorably in the competitive landscape. 


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Victoria Martinez

Victoria Martinez

Wordpress Developer

Uwe Hook

Uwe Hook

Interim CMO/CDO

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