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Website Optimization

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Revamping PXG: A Journey from Digital Hurdles to Triumphs



PXG, a burgeoning B2C brand, found itself grappling with a multitude of digital dilemmas. Their digital campaigns and channel mix weren’t optimized for reach & monetary return, their website’s browsing and checkout experience left users frustrated, and an organically-grown internal digital team that, while passionate, lacked the optimized structure needed for success. The intersection of these challenges threatened the brand’s growth trajectory.


Chameleon Collective was summoned to assess and find solutions for these challenges head-on. Our first point of order was to dissect the PXG website, identifying the pain points that impeded user experience and hindered product selection and conversion. Through meticulous stakeholder interviews, we gauged the team’s dynamics and juxtaposed them with industry benchmarks, formulating a blueprint for an optimized, productive team structure and tangible, quick-wins for on-site conversion gains. In parallel our in-depth analysis of PXG’s digital advertising allowed us to pinpoint channels that were underperforming and those that held untapped potential. With a laser-focused strategy, we proposed methods to reallocate funds, enhance campaigns, streamline reporting, and zero in on lucrative channels.


PXG leadership was thrilled to have a clear roadmap for digital improvements, highlighting actionable measures to improve interdepartmental communication, streamline digital workflows, and foster a more synergized work environment. In the realm of digital marketing, our strategies paved the way for a monumental shift. By rooting out less-profitable channels and refining campaign structures, we unlocked avenues for enhanced ROAS. Furthermore, our insights into the website’s user experience empowered PXG’s internal developers to roadmap a series of user-centric enhancements, particularly around product navigation, selection, and checkout. 

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