Will AI Be The Future Of Retail?

Will Ai Be The Future Of Retail?

Retail isn’t dying—but it is reinventing itself. While numerous brick and mortars experienced closures over the past few years, ecommerce is constantly innovating and that’s spilling over into all retail. Retailers know they can find continued demand for their products, but without innovative solutions, they’ll be left behind. Veronika Sonsev, Forbes contributor and Chameleon Collective Partner, interviewed four venture capitalists from leading firms to get their perspectives on what 2018 trends retailers should leverage when formulating their plans of attack.

Personalization remains top of mind and at the forefront of most retailers’ strategies. Both self-learning subscription services and artificial intelligence solutions will continue to power personalized shopping experiences. As AI and machine learning applications and capabilities grow stronger and smarter, so will traditional online and offline retail experiences.

AI doesn’t stop at personalization. With the ability to automate and supplement all types of customer support processes, conversational interfaces are storming onto the scene and into customer experiences worldwide. 

Real-time product delivery is in high demand, and retailers need solutions that help them meet that demand. Using developing technologies like 3D knitting and autonomous cars, retailers are changing the on-demand game all together.

For the full scoop and to see what else VCs see in their crystal balls, read the full article on Forbes.  

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