Mielle Organics logo features a silhouette of a woman with long, flowing hair adorned with a flower. The text "Mielle Organics" is to the right of the silhouette with the tagline "Pure. Simple. Natural." beneath it. The design is in black and white.

Chameleon Collective & Mielle Organics: A Dynamic Partnership Propelling Success

A woman with fresh hair poses confidently against a vibrant yellow background. She is wearing a yellow floral blouse and has her hands gently touching her neck, showcasing orange nails and matching eye makeup. She gazes directly at the camera with a calm expression that reflects her dedication to organic hair care.

Case Study


When Berkshire Partners invested a whopping $100,000,000 into Mielle Organics, it marked the beginning of a transformative era for the leading natural hair care brand. The growth trajectory, propelled by this massive investment, demanded not just continuation but acceleration. A decisive, data-driven marketing strategy and clear brand strategy were of the essence to amplify their growth momentum and prepare the business for a strategic acquisition. Furthermore, internal strategies and leadership in PR, essential to their scaling up, were conspicuously absent. Digital hurdles loomed large too, with their analytics system and affiliate marketing strategy begging for a revamp.

At the core of Chameleon Collective’s model lies a relentless commitment to understanding the intricacies of each client’s unique challenges and weaving solutions tailored to those nuances.


Chameleon Collective swiftly answered Mielle Organics’ leadership needs by embedding an Interim CMO, Anne-Michele Harrington, with an impressive track record in the CPG and beauty sectors. This leader, keenly attuned to the brand’s vision, redefined the marketing structure, aligning it with aggressive growth ambitions. They crafted the criteria for agency collaboration, steered the 3-year innovation pipeline, and revamped the marketing blueprint, all while ensuring the ethos of Mielle Organics was undisturbed.

Additionally, Holly Thomas, our seasoned expert, undertook the mantle of Interim Head of Communications & PR. She orchestrated a meticulous strategy to bolster the brand’s public image, expertly navigating product launches, line extensions, high-profile events, and strategic partnerships. Finally, Tavis Salazar stood in as the interim Creative Director helping to build out Mielle Organics creative capabilities enabling production of creative assets for a wide range of retailers and D2C eCommerce channels faster and at a higher quality.

A person with curly hair in a bun is sitting on a white chair, using a laptop, browsing an online shopping website featuring various skincare products from Mielle Organics. The background includes a beige rug, a wicker basket, a light green blanket, and a gray sofa.


Leadership laid the foundation, combined with the fusion of creativity, technology, and data insight Mielle’s digital aspirations became a reality.

Leading the charge was Chameleon Collective’s team of creative experts. We started with extensive brand strategy exercise to ensure that brand was clearly defined ensuring that the creative and marketing teams could work expeditiously to produce the work needed to meet their demanding growth goals. Their expertise not only infused Mielle’s brand voice into every piece of content but also dramatically scaled up the creative output. This ensured that each interaction resonated deeply with the audience, making every touchpoint an authentic reflection of Mielle’s essence.

Complementing the creative team was our team’s prowess in Shopify development. Recognizing the paramount importance of an enhanced and seamless e-commerce experience, our developers meticulously revamped Mielle’s online store. The goal was simple yet profound: to offer an impeccable user journey that was a true embodiment of the brand’s ethos.

Lastly, as we transitioned from ideation to execution, the need for comprehensive data insights became apparent. Our analytics experts delved deep, streamlining Mielle’s Google Analytics framework. This exhaustive audit, coupled with a seamless transition to GA4, ensured that every strategic endeavor was measured, refined, and optimized, cementing our commitment to impactful results and continuous growth.


While the deployment of our interim leaders was a monumental step, Chameleon Collective recognized the power of long-term partnerships. The chemistry between our Interim CMO and Mielle Organics culminated in her acceptance of a permanent CMO position, a testament to our ability to forge enduring alliances between exceptional talent and dynamic businesses. Our engagement didn’t halt post this success. We further assisted Mielle Organics in hiring a Brand Manager, an E-commerce Director, Project Manager, and a Sr Trade Marketing Manager. Each recruitment reaffirmed our commitment to ensuring not just professional alignment but also a profound resonance with Mielle Organics’ ethos.

A person wearing a yellow sweater holds a smartphone, reading an article on the Essence website. The headline reads "Mielle Organics and P&G Beauty Join Forces With Historic Partnership," showcasing Mielle Organics products designed for fresh hair.


Chameleon Collective’s partnership with Mielle Organics stands as a testament to the transformative power of marrying visionary leadership with robust strategic execution. With fortified leadership, Mielle Organics not only judiciously leveraged its investment but also drew the attention of some of the industry’s most prominent players, culminating in an acquisition by a household industry giant. 

Guided by the expert hands of the Interim CMO, and then subsequently their long term CMO, Mielle Organics experienced significant growth, witnessing remarkable upticks in business revenue, e-commerce performance, and subscriber engagement in an impressively short time frame. Their media presence, too, soared to unprecedented heights, with an incredible rise in year-on-year media impressions and story placements, earning nods from esteemed publications.

Further testament to the collective’s prowess was the thriving success of the brand’s digital strategies. Affiliate channel revenue and its contribution to the overall media portfolio saw an exponential surge, echoing the importance of a data-driven approach in today’s digital age.

However, this tale isn’t bound purely by metrics. At its heart, this journey narrates the symphony of two entities coming together, aligning visions, and charting a course to unparalleled success. It underscores Chameleon Collective’s unwavering commitment to ushering brands to their zenith.


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