Ascendance in the US Insurtech Landscape

Ascendance in the US Insurtech Landscape

Case Study

Novidea’s Ascendance in the U.S. Insurtech Landscape



Novidea, an Israeli insurtech firm, has been pioneering innovations in insurance policy distribution lifecycle management. While they made significant strides in Europe and the Middle East, the U.S. remained an unconquered frontier. Their vision was expansive, but their brand’s footprint in the U.S. was nearly invisible.


Recognizing the latent potential of Novidea, Chameleon Collective embarked on a transformative journey with them. Our initial step was an immersive brand messaging session, aimed at crystallizing Novidea’s unique value proposition to resonate with a diverse audience. Armed with this refined brand messaging, we spearheaded an extensive website revamp and fashioned updated marketing materials that echoed Novidea’s renewed brand ethos. Simultaneously, we devised an incisive PR campaign, tailor-made for the U.S. market. The linchpin was positioning Novidea’s spokesperson as a beacon of thought leadership in the insurtech realm. Capitalizing on captivating customer narratives, innovative product feature announcements, and insights from Novidea’s in-house experts, we secured pivotal media spots in esteemed publications that catered directly to their target audience.


The ramifications of our concerted efforts were profound. Novidea’s media share of voice (SOV) witnessed an astronomical surge. From being a virtual unknown, they now eclipse their nearest competitor by a striking 8% in media SOV in the U.S. Moreover, the amplified media visibility and brand recognition served as a powerful springboard for their Series C fundraising endeavors, culminating in a triumphant $50 Million haul led by renowned U.S. VC luminaries.

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