Design Decoded: Tailoring a Brand’s True Stature

Design Decoded: Tailoring a Brand’s True Stature

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DXL’s Design Decoded: Tailoring a Brand’s True Stature



DXL, a beacon for big and tall men in the retail arena, found themselves amidst a sea of sameness. While alliances with eminent brands filled their racks with top-tier apparel, the soul of the DXL brand remained veiled. The aura surrounding the retail experience for the big and tall demographic was one of inconvenience, often leading to a blow to their confidence. Tasked with this poignant challenge, the new board at DXL sought our expertise.


The Chameleon Collective dove deep, plumbing the depths of the brand’s essence. We initiated our mission with a comprehensive study into the psyche of the big and tall shopper, unmasking a reality – a journey paved with compromise, effort, and reduced options. Recognizing this, we channeled our energies into curating a brand strategy that echoed the heart of the big and tall man’s aspirations. Phrases like “outstanding on your own terms” and “life size” became our mantras, punctuating our campaigns. We reinvented the DXL narrative, transforming it from a mere shopping destination to an enclave of authentic choice, uncompromised quality, and unparalleled style.


Our vision resonated deeply with the DXL board, catalyzing a brand revolution. This metamorphosis became the cornerstone of their entire branding spectrum, from a compelling brand relaunch video to the powerful tagline – “Wear What You Want.” DXL’s new avatar encapsulates more than just clothing; it epitomizes a belief, a reassurance to every big and tall individual. It’s a testament to the confidence they exude when their wardrobe mirrors their spirit, all under the welcoming embrace of DXL. Here’s a brand that comprehends the nuances of being big and tall, offering an experience that’s a seamless blend of style, comfort, and self-expression.


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