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Stepping Up Digital Strategy: How Express Flooring Scaled with Chameleon Collective



Express Flooring, a dominant carpeting and flooring player in the southwest, faced a two-pronged conundrum: they yearned to augment their lead acquisition, aiming to bolster appointment bookings for their in-home consultants. Simultaneously, the brand was eager to re-define their website from a leased platform to a property they could genuinely call their own.


Steering into the core of the brand, Chameleon Collective undertook an intricate analysis of Express Flooring’s brand strategy and lead-gen methodologies. We unraveled the flooring-shopping psyche by reaching out to both Express Flooring’s clientele and prospects who had chosen alternative solutions post-consultation. Our mission was clear: optimize every touchpoint. We orchestrated a quest for a new-age digital marketing agency, ensuring a tight synergy across all performance-driven media. Concurrently, the hunt for a website design agency was initiated. And, to embed the change internally, Chameleon spearheaded the recruitment of a VP, Growth Marketing for Express Flooring. Recognizing that the website’s evolution would be a marathon and not a sprint, we pulled in our in-house CRO maestro to refine the existing site, ensuring immediate tangible results while the long-term vision was sculpted.


The CRO intervention proved golden. Within mere weeks of implementation, conversion rates experienced a vigorous jolt, spiking 7-15% week on week. This augmented user experience did more than just captivate audiences—it amplified the yield of our marketing endeavors without dilating the marketing budget.


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