Evolutionary Branding Transformation

Evolutionary Branding Transformation

Case Study

A New Current: Rebranding the Future of Renewable Energy with depsys



depsys, a pioneering Swiss technology firm, is at the forefront of providing solutions that help traditional power grids navigate the challenges of decentralized renewable energy production. As the company prepared to transition into its next growth phase, it identified a pressing need: to ensure its brand identity and strategy mirrored its evolving narrative and market leadership.


Recognizing the intricate nuances of the energy sector and the significance of impactful branding, Chameleon Collective engaged with depsys in a hands-on manner. Our brand strategist, Fabian, facilitated the Resonaid brand workshop in Switzerland. This collaborative session not only laid down the framework for the company’s brand DNA and core pillars but also crystallized its deeply embedded values, serving as a compass for the brand’s day-to-day operations and long-term vision. The reimagined brand identity was elegantly symbolized using three interlinked circles, each embodying a phase of the electric grid. Ensuring a seamless transition from the former identity, the design integrated familiar color schemes and shapes, all the while introducing innovative elements that signaled transformative change. A connecting line formed the letter ‘d’, evoking a sense of electricity and upward momentum. Furthermore, this innovative design harmoniously dovetailed with depsys’s flagship offering, GridEye, culminating in a cohesive brand family.


The renewed brand identity didn’t merely signal a change; it encapsulated the evolution and ambition of depsys. With its refreshed brand, the company solidified its position as a thought leader in the energy sector, providing clarity for its stakeholders and ensuring continuity and recognition among its customer base.


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