Healthcare Software Marketing

Healthcare Software Marketing

Case Study

Rapid Team Stabilization and Demand Generation in Healthcare Tech



Waystar, a fast-growing healthcare technology company, found itself in a position of needing strong interim leadership to sustain its marketing activities and launch their brand within an ambitious 8-week timeframe. The challenge was twofold: Stabilizing the team and simultaneously driving the brand’s market debut.


Chameleon Collective was brought in to meet this challenge, deploying an Interim Chief Marketing Officer and a cadre of marketing experts. Our first task was to develop a new brand that resonated with Waystar’s core mission and values. In parallel, our team launched into creating robust demand generation capabilities to drive brand awareness and market penetration. We expedited organizational changes, developing brand assets such as promotional videos and a new website, redefining team focuses, rolling out efficient internal processes, and optimizing acquisition funnels – all within 30% of the initially allotted time.


The swift and strategic action of Chameleon Collective produced substantial results for Waystar. The company experienced an uptick in Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) velocity from event/digital lead sources and a noticeable increase in lead activity per team member. Our efforts effectively fortified Waystar’s marketing function, ensuring the team’s stability and driving the brand’s successful launch within the tight timeframe.

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Adam Towvim

Adam Towvim

Interim Leader

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