Case Study: Sense Photonics – Interim CMO

Case Study: Sense Photonics – Interim CMO

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Case Study

Navigating New Horizons: Sense Photonics’ Automotive Ascent with Chameleon Collective



Sense Photonics, a leading LiDAR company, developed breakthrough sensors for industrial applications. Yet, despite their groundbreaking core technology, they struggled to gain significant traction in the market. With a vision of tapping into the burgeoning autonomous vehicle sector, the newly appointed CEO aimed to pivot the company’s direction.


Enter Chameleon Collective. With a depth of experience in guiding strategic rebrands and realignments, our fractional CMO took the reins. In close collaboration with the CEO and the executive committee, we undertook a deep dive into the company’s strengths, assessing how they could be leveraged within the automotive realm. The insight was clear: for Sense Photonics to fully realize its potential, a sharp pivot was necessary. Our approach was twofold. First, we worked meticulously to reposition the company, ensuring that their messaging, branding, and outreach were laser-focused on automotive manufacturer opportunities. Concurrently, we recommended sunsetting the existing product lines, which, although innovative, no longer aligned with the company’s revamped direction.


The aftermath of this strategic overhaul was nothing short of transformative. Within a span of a few months, Sense Photonics was no longer a muted voice in the industrial sensor space but a roaring contender in the automotive sector. Their newfound positioning led them to secure production tests with multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), a testament to their technology’s unmatched capability. The crescendo of this success story was the company’s acquisition by a competitor, turning the page from a phase of limited market traction to being a sought-after entity in the automotive LiDAR space.

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