Revitalized PR Engagement

Revitalized PR Engagement

Case Study

Revitalizing Novidea’s Digital Presence: A Chameleon Collective Triumph



Novidea, a pioneering cloud-native, data-powered insurance management platform, confronted a pressing challenge: its PR mechanisms were idling. To fully leverage the power of PR, the brand’s foundational messages needed refining, and its website required an overhaul to make it captivating, educational, and persuasive for directed earned media.


Chameleon Collective, known for its keen understanding of nuanced brand voices, embarked on a mission to uncover Novidea’s unique essence. Through immersive discovery sessions with pivotal stakeholders, we sculpted core values and corporate messages that served as our strategic compass. Recognizing the distinct needs of Novidea’s diverse audience, we tailored specialized messages for each, even catering to the particularities of UK and US clientele. This insightful groundwork culminated in the crafting of fresh website content and the scripting of an engaging corporate video, prominently featured on their homepage.


With the unveiling of the revamped website, Novidea experienced a surge in brand engagement. The consistent PR endeavors, anchored by Chameleon Collective, ushered in a wave of earned media, all converging on the reimagined core messaging of the website. The aftermath? A thrilled client and a strengthened partnership, with Chameleon Collective continuing to steer Novidea’s PR and content marketing journeys.

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Brian Beise

Brian Beise

Brand Voice & Tone Specialist

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Michelle Barry

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