Marketing Procurement for Brands & Agencies: A Webinar

marketing procurement for brands & agencies

Using Marketing Procurement for Brands & Agencies

Effective marketing procurement can help optimize your longterm ROI but are you using it correctly? What are the best ways to leverage it and where should you focus your energy?

Chameleon Collective’s Brett Colbert, an Interim Chief Procurement Officer, held a live webinar presentation on how best to use the tools of marketing procurement for brands & agencies.

Learn what best practices marketing teams are doing to partner with their agencies and procurement that deliver value, rather than reduce investments and listen to Brett answer some of your questions on marketing procurement trends.

Watch the webinar:


About Brett Colbert:

Passionate about delivering genuine value and driving results through collaboration, Brett most recently was the Chief Procurement Officer, a role created in partnership with the CEO at MDC Partners to work extensively with its agencies to optimize clients’ marketing investments.

Throughout his career, he has led both agencies and clients through diverse and challenging situations resulting in value creation and effective operational improvement.
Brett spent his early career in management at advertising and media agencies. He then switched gears and spent the next decade client-side, leading efforts to establish first forays into marketing procurement for Time Warner, Nestlé, and Anheuser-Busch InBev.
Brett is now leveraging what he’s learned from both sides of the table to change the marketing industry, one relationship at a time. Services include supply chain management, performance and compliance management, supplier reviews, and industry benchmarking.


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