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CLEAR™ Assessment Empowers Companies to Unlock Value and Drive Business Growth

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MIAMI, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Chameleon Collective, a hybrid consulting and interim leadership firm, announced a groundbreaking new growth tool as part of its diverse suite of services. Developed by Chameleon Collective’s bench of over 35 interim executives with more than 350 years of combined C-Suite experience, the CLEAR (CxO Lead Evaluation And Recommendations) sales and marketing assessment help companies unlock value and drive growth through its unique design. The CLEAR Assessment delivers a rapid evaluation and set of recommendations to drive a company’s growth strategy, team dynamics, execution capabilities, marketing technology, customer experience, and overarching performance.  

Miles Williams, former CMO for JW Player and Head of Marketing for Shutterstock, said, “After working as an in-house CMO, I joined Chameleon Collective because it allows me to focus on my passion: helping early to mid-stage companies who may have found product-market fit and some sales traction, but have yet to fully invest in marketing. The CLEAR process accelerates how I help B2B companies define the go-to-market motions that align sales and marketing to accelerate growth.”

Chameleon Collective knows driving a much higher growth rate has many challenges, both designing the right go-to-market approach and building the right team, technology, and processes to deliver it. The goal with the Chameleon CLEAR Assessment is to help senior executives and key decision-makers move past old or ineffective strategies and often meaningless project paradigms in favor of a specific, actionable strategic direction that will move the business forward quickly and effectively. In doing so, we answer two key questions: What business improvements will unlock the most value? What obstacles to success stand in our way, and can they be removed?

In the assessment, we evaluate the following key elements that impact growth:

  • Strategy
  • Team
  • Execution
  • Technology
  • Customer Experience
  • Performance

Chameleon Collective’s methodology for evaluating a company’s performance and growth potential is rigorous, taking a flexible and configurable approach to determining which dimensions to apply to each company. The process recognizes the company’s unique internal and external challenges and creates a highly targeted approach to addressing these needs.

Post assessment, Chameleon Collective can support existing leadership teams to start driving change from within by providing transformational leaders, executional staff, or recruiting top new talent for internal teams.

Patrick Floeck, Principal at Dallas-based Private Equity firm Valesco Industries, said, “Chameleon is so much more than a consultant who charges a fee, tells you what to do, and leaves you to implement the solutions. They dig deep to assess every aspect of sales and marketing and find the areas to prioritize so you can drive value quickly and efficiently, and then they help you execute. At one of our portfolio companies, we had a budding e-commerce unit that we knew was rich with opportunity but didn’t have the team in place or business plan to scale it the right way. Chameleon’s CLEAR process helped us quickly identify our holes and the path forward, and even presented us with an interim e-commerce executive to get it off the ground.”

David Andrade, CEO of HIG Capital portfolio company Eze Castle, stated, “While ECI is growing and evolving within the financial services industry, we were looking for a partner that could help us assess our go-to-market strategy. The CLEAR Assessment was comprehensive, insightful, and quick, which enabled Chameleon to understand our business and the role we play in our industry. Chameleon’s team exceeded our expectations by identifying focus areas, streamlining processes, and executing short-term deliverables. ECI now has new insight and perspective that will have an impact on how we go-to-market in the future.”

Chris X. Moloney, the former CMO of Experian, Scottrade, Brinks, and Wells Fargo Advisors, stated, “The CLEAR Assessment is a truly transformative program for companies. It creates a realistic roadmap to the windows of opportunity for growth. I have seen it deliver magic — just like a halftime speech that energizes the whole team. It is rooted in creating a magnetic partnership between sales and marketing. I joined Chameleon for this very reason.” 

Freddie Laker, the founding Partner of Chameleon Collective and an interim C-Suite leader for brands like Bugaboo, Nixon, and Backyard Discovery, said, “Through our experience working with so many sales and marketing leaders, we found that each expert brought their own spin to evaluating and identifying unlocked value in a company. After years of completing sales and marketing assessments both pre-and post-close for Private Equity firms, we have brought all of that cumulative experience together into a concise approach, increasing our speed and effectiveness while still leveraging the diverse backgrounds of our interim leadership bench.”

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Freddie Laker

A veteran digital marketer with experience working with some of the world's biggest global brands. He now focuses on providing interim leadership to PE-backed firms.

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