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In the ever-evolving landscape of business, growth and transformation are not just goals, but essential survival strategies. It’s a reality that Chameleon Collective understands.

As a collective of industry-leading talent, we offer an antidote to antiquated agencies and consultancies that often fail to deliver effective solutions. Our B2B eCommerce consultants, each a high-achieving independent thinker with a proven track record, provide practical solutions for growth and retention that can transform your business.

Why choose our B2B eCommerce consultants? It’s simple. We have the expertise to address the complex challenges your business may not have the capacity to handle in-house. Our consultants have successfully navigated the competitive terrain of top agencies, consultancies, and Fortune 500 companies, gaining invaluable insights and skills that are leveraged to create sustainable solutions for your business.

At Chameleon Collective, our B2B eCommerce consultants serve as more than just service providers. They are leaders, embedding themselves into your organization and driving change from within. They work closely with your team, understanding your unique needs and challenges, and turning them into transformational opportunities.

Our consultants don’t just provide answers; they empower your team to manage solutions independently. This approach allows us to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy and overhead, focusing instead on delivering tangible results. Our consultants work with a diverse range of experts within Chameleon Collective, each bringing their own set of skills and knowledge to the table, creating a powerful force for change.

B2B eCommerce consultancy is just one of the many services offered at Chameleon Collective. Our holistic approach to transformation extends beyond eCommerce, encompassing brand strategy, marketing, customer experience, commerce, and sales.

Our B2B eCommerce consultants work seamlessly with our other divisions to ensure a comprehensive transformation strategy for your business. Whether it’s collaborating with our branding experts to create a compelling brand identity or teaming up with our marketing gurus to drive growth, our consultants are committed to delivering sustained success for your business.

At Chameleon Collective, we don’t just aim to solve your immediate challenges; we strive to equip your team with the skills and knowledge to navigate future hurdles independently. We celebrate when you no longer need us, a testament to our mission of driving meaningful change and empowering businesses to thrive independently.

In a world riddled with economic uncertainties, our B2B eCommerce consultants offer a beacon of stability, guiding your business towards growth and transformation. We invite you to experience the Chameleon Collective difference and transform your business from within.

Experts from
the Collective

Tasha Blackman

Tasha Blackman

Interim Marketing Leader

Rob Gotlieb

Rob Gotlieb

Entertainment Focused CMO

Reyna Lopez

Reyna Lopez

Paid Media Consultant | B2C

Nick Surface

Nick Surface

Growth Marketing

Miles Williams

Miles Williams

CMO: B2B & Managed Services

Karen Lithgow

Karen Lithgow

Partner-CMO & Brand Strategist

Julie Znoy

Julie Znoy

Interim CRM Director

Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez

Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

Through these services, we stand ready to boost your marketing capabilities, foster transformation, and set the stage for success.


Connecting on a deeper level with your audience.

Case Study: Strategic eCommerce Transformation

Marketing & Launch Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Support

Elevating E-commerce Excellence


What is the role of B2B eCommerce Consultants?

B2B eCommerce Consultants provide expertise in developing and optimizing eCommerce strategies tailored to business-to-business transactions. They focus on enhancing digital sales channels, improving customer experiences, and driving growth in B2B eCommerce.

What are the key responsibilities of B2B eCommerce Consultants?

The key responsibilities include analyzing market trends, recommending eCommerce platforms, optimizing product listings, designing seamless buying experiences, integrating systems, and leveraging technology for B2B sales success.

How do B2B eCommerce Consultants impact business growth?

B2B eCommerce Consultants impact business growth by strategically implementing eCommerce solutions that streamline transactions, improve efficiency, and enhance customer interactions. They contribute to increased sales and revenue in B2B transactions.

Why is hiring B2B eCommerce Consultants important for businesses?

Hiring B2B eCommerce Consultants is important as it allows businesses to access specialized expertise in optimizing digital sales channels for B2B transactions. This leads to the development of effective eCommerce strategies that drive growth and improve customer experiences.

What value do Chameleon Collective’s B2B eCommerce Consultants provide?

Chameleon Collective’s B2B eCommerce Consultants offer expertise in tailoring eCommerce solutions for B2B transactions. They collaborate with businesses to identify opportunities, optimize platforms, and drive growth through efficient digital sales channels.

What is the mission of Chameleon Collective in offering consultation for B2B eCommerce Consultants?

Our mission is to provide businesses with skilled B2B eCommerce Consultants who can drive effective eCommerce strategies for B2B transactions. We deliver solutions that contribute to growth, improved customer experiences, and sales success in the B2B realm.

What benefits do businesses gain from partnering with Chameleon Collective?

Partnering with Chameleon Collective connects businesses to experienced B2B eCommerce Consultants. Our specialists offer insights and strategies that lead to the development of successful eCommerce solutions, increased sales, and enhanced efficiency in B2B transactions.

How can businesses engage Chameleon Collective’s consultation services for B2B eCommerce Consultants?

Businesses can reach out to us through our contact page. We work closely to understand your B2B eCommerce needs and connect you with top consultants skilled in driving successful eCommerce strategies for B2B transactions.

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