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In a world where businesses are constantly striving for growth and transformation, the role of B2B SEO consultancy has never been more crucial. At Chameleon Collective, we understand the specific needs of businesses seeking a competitive edge in an increasingly digital marketplace.

We are not your traditional agency, focusing on appearances and awards. Instead, we are a collective of industry-leading talent, committed to providing practical solutions for growth and retention. Our aim is to challenge and transform how businesses win and retain customers, and we do this by converting challenges into sustainable solutions.

Our B2B SEO consultants are experienced professionals with a proven track record of excellence at top agencies, consultancies, and Fortune 500 companies. They have the expertise to identify and implement effective SEO strategies that will drive traffic to your website, increase your online visibility, and ultimately, boost your bottom line. By partnering with Chameleon Collective, businesses stand to gain a dedicated team of consultants who work independently, without the need for constant oversight, and who celebrate your success and newfound independence.

Chameleon Collective’s B2B SEO consultants are not just experts in search engine optimization. They are leaders in their field, with the ability to guide your business through a transformational time. They work closely with other experts in our collective, including branding, marketing, customer experience, commerce, and sales professionals. Together, they deliver on your transformational objectives, providing practical, tactical application of expertise. Whether it’s brand strategy, email marketing, or website development, our team has the skills and experience to drive change and facilitate growth.

Our B2B SEO consultants also play a key role in our unique recruitment process. We recognize that lasting transformation requires the right internal talent. Therefore, as part of our commitment to driving change from within, we help recruit the internal teams of our clients, ensuring they have the right people in place to continue and sustain the transformation. This approach sets us apart from traditional agencies and is a testament to our commitment to your success.

At Chameleon Collective, our B2B SEO consultancy service is part of a broader range of services and practices designed to transform businesses. From leading and delivering transformational change to recruiting the right talent, our divisions work together to provide a comprehensive service. Our five key practice areas – Branding, Marketing, Customer Experience, Commerce, and Sales – offer a wide range of professional services, all aimed at driving meaningful change and achieving sustained success.

Chameleon Collective’s B2B SEO consultancy service is not just about improving your search engine rankings. It’s about transforming the way you do business. It’s about embedding with your team, driving change from within, and celebrating your success. It’s about bold, transformative solutions that deliver lasting results. Let us help you transform your business, challenge the status quo, and achieve sustainable success.

Experts from
the Collective

Thorsten Rhode

Thorsten Rhode

Global Marketing Director

Rob Gotlieb

Rob Gotlieb

Entertainment Focused CMO

Ray Smale

Ray Smale

Interim CMO: Health & Wellness

Miles Williams

Miles Williams

CMO: B2B & Managed Services

Megan LaCivita

Megan LaCivita

Media Strategy, Brand Partners

Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez

Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

Jeff SanGeorge

Jeff SanGeorge

Sr. SEO Consultant

Greg Adams

Greg Adams

Partner | VP Growth & Digital

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What is a B2B SEO Consultant?

A B2B SEO consultant is a professional who specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and techniques specifically tailored for business-to-business (B2B) companies. They help B2B businesses improve their online visibility, drive targeted traffic to their websites, and generate leads through organic search.

Why do B2B businesses need an SEO consultant?

B2B businesses need an SEO consultant because a strong online presence is crucial for success in today’s digital world. An SEO consultant can help optimize a B2B website to rank higher in search engine results, attract relevant prospects, and increase brand visibility. They also provide valuable insights and strategies to improve lead generation and conversion rates.

What services does a B2B SEO consultant provide?

A B2B SEO consultant provides a range of services, including keyword research, website optimization, content creation and optimization, link building, technical SEO audits, competitor analysis, and performance tracking. They also offer strategic guidance and recommendations to align SEO efforts with business goals and target audience needs.

How does a B2B SEO consultant improve website visibility?

A B2B SEO consultant improves website visibility by optimizing various aspects of a website, such as meta tags, headings, URLs, and internal linking structure. They also conduct keyword research to identify relevant search terms and incorporate them into website content. Additionally, they help improve website loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall user experience, all of which contribute to better search engine rankings.

Can a B2B SEO consultant help with content creation?

Yes, a B2B SEO consultant can help with content creation. They can provide guidance on creating high-quality, keyword-optimized content that appeals to both search engines and target audiences. They may also offer content strategy development, content gap analysis, and content optimization services to ensure that the content aligns with SEO goals and drives organic traffic.

How long does it take to see results from SEO efforts?

The time it takes to see results from SEO efforts can vary depending on several factors, including the competitiveness of the industry, the current state of the website, and the SEO strategies implemented. Generally, it can take several months to start seeing noticeable improvements in search engine rankings and organic traffic. However, ongoing SEO efforts and continuous optimization are necessary for sustained success.

What makes a B2B SEO consultant different from a general SEO consultant?

A B2B SEO consultant specializes in optimizing websites and implementing SEO strategies specifically for B2B businesses. They have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and goals of B2B companies, such as targeting specific industries or niches, generating high-quality leads, and nurturing long-term client relationships. A general SEO consultant may not have the same level of expertise or industry-specific knowledge.

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