Chameleon Collective Is Officially One of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2021

2021 inc. 5000 announcement

Chameleon Collective is recognized by 2021 Inc. 5000

Inc 5000 Chameleon Collective

While established large corporate businesses strive to be on the Fortune 1000, entrepreneurs find recognition on the Inc 5000. We’re proud to announce that we’ve come in at number 1,975 in our first year ever of applying to Inc.’s prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. 

We are officially joining the ranks of past Inc 5000 honorees such as Intuit, Microsoft, Capital One, Oracle, Walker Sands, and current recipients like ZZW Global, and Spire among other notable companies.

What makes our ranking unique isn’t our growth, our service offering, or even our people. It’s our model and our mission. We designed a company for experts with an entrepreneurial spirit. A platform for individuals who were seeking to go out on their own and start their own company. Entrepreneurs who had a vision of a better way to work, and a better way to create value for their clients. We knew that if we could pool these smart entrepreneurs into a collective, we could create a series of shared services around them to facilitate collaboration and growth, subsidized by the entrepreneurs themselves and not the clients. A completely flat and decentralized organization, whose sole purpose is to help smart people find great clients to work with. 

In the past six years, our little utopian idea has grown beyond our wildest expectations. Today Chameleon Collective has over 100 Chameleons with revenues of over $20M annually and three-year revenue growth of 225%. We’re honored to be recognized by Inc. Magazine.

In the end, we discovered that by building the place we always wanted to work in we attracted like-minded, smart, and driven people which is what our clients are always seeking.

While our initial focus was on providing interim leadership, executive recruiting, amazon consulting, growth marketing, and eCommerce consulting for the Retail, Healthcare, and Financial Services industries, we’ve expanded to offer other services over time. We’ve now worked with notable clients such as Twitter, Waystar, Experian, Singer, Polaroid, PWC, NEST New York, Nixon, Bugaboo, and Lord & Taylor to name a few.

Over the prior years, we’ve expanded our offering to include newly expanded services such as:

We’re thankful to our clients, our collective, our advisors, and our core staff for helping to make this achievement possible. We hope to continue on our growth trajectory and come back next year at an even higher spot. We pride ourselves on providing professional consulting and involvement with our clients to ensure their success, and this honor solidifies our work.

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