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Mike Coner

mike coner

Mike Coner

Business Development & Go-to Market Strategy


Mike Coner is a storyteller who excels at creating marketing campaigns in the space where the digital and physical worlds collide. For Mike, technology continuously offers new business opportunities, and he focuses on companies that use innovation to bring their message to the marketplace in a way that delights and engages customers. Mike’s strength is knowing how to activate a specific segment audience, building immersive digital experiences from conceptualization to execution. He does this not only by connecting with the right influencers and taking a creative approach to amplifying brands, but also through building an effective campaign infrastructure and providing strong team management.

Creating engaging experiences has long been at the center of his business approach. Mike began his career owning, branding and operating Automatic Slims, a group of Rock ‘n’ Roll bars in South Florida, where he created over 600 customer events, partnering with brands, such as Red Bull, Jack Daniels, Harley Davidson, and the UFC. These events helped him build a broad network of prominent influencers and led him to found his first tech startup, BeeYoo, a social media platform that provided celebrity content opportunities to companies, such as Google, FedEx, Conagra, Omnicon Group, SapientNitro, and CNN.