Juan Morales

Executive Creative Director

You can call Juan a jack of all trades...or at least the trades that interest him. He never found something that he was passionate about that he didn't dive into head first (It’s a blessing and curse). Throughout his professional career he has done a variety of jobs. Each one teaching him something different that has helped him get to where he is today. From painting graffiti in his high school years, to programming and selling his own software, he is passionate about creating, and his passion knows no bounds as long as the curiosity is there.

In the last 17 years he has taken his varied experiences and used them to help organizations create better experiences for people. From creating better products and services to the marketing that promotes them. He has helped those organizations win awards, get talked about in the press, and even patent new technology. His goals today are the same goals he had painting graffiti as a teenager. Make things that people will talk about: work that he can be proud of, and work for a place that has a purpose greater than just making money.

Full Portfolio available upon request.

Specialties: Ideation, Strategy, Technology, Product Development, Graphic Design, Leadership, Mentorship, Entrepreneur, Going above and beyond the call of duty, Saying the things no one wants to say, Honesty, Passion, Undying need to do things differently for the sake of constantly evolving myself, my team, and the brands I work for.

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