Radha Badani


Radha Badani

Radha Badani is a brand strategist who uncovers truths to help brands tell their purpose-driven story. She believes every brand has a story, and it sometimes takes a lot of digging to figure out how best to tell that story. She leverages her consumer passion and expertise in insights to uncover truths from the inside out – talking to stakeholders, researching market trends, understanding the competitive landscape and most importantly talking to and listening to consumers (interviews, surveys, social listening, etc.) She is a deep learner, creative connector, problem solver and storyteller; She loves connecting the dots and will relentlessly search for the unique and powerful untapped insights that will inspire brand strategy development.

Radha has over 20 years of experience that spans roles in brand management, new product innovation, shopper marketing, sales & strategic planning, and insights & analytics. Prior to Chameleon, she managed flagship and new-to-market brands at Clorox and led strategy & insights at New Balance. She intersects her experience in both brand management and consumer insights to articulate meaningful and actionable brand frameworks rooted in deep consumer learning.