Radha Badani

Strategy & Insights Consultant

Consumer Advocate, Ideator, Roadmapping Queen, Problem Solver

Radha brings consumer passion and an insights-led thought process into brand strategy development. She loves connecting the dots and will relentlessly search for the unique and powerful untapped insight that will unleash new areas for growth.

Radha spent the last 15+ years in larger, consumer products companies in roles that spanned brand management, new product innovation, shopper marketing, sales & strategic planning, and insights & analytics. The thread that wove her experiences together was that her roles were always rooted in deep consumer empathy as the driver for execution (insights to action). She moves fluidly between left-brain analytics and right-brain creative problem solving to define, validate and execute transformative growth strategies.

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Latest Posts by Radha Badani

Psychographics: The Key to Successful Customer Targeting

Identify attitudes and motivations to find a common thread between your desired target customers using psychographics. Introduction It’s not easy picking a favorite One of the most poignant examples of a brand that focused its positioning on a single, specific attitudinal consumer audience is Apple. Remember their launch advertising from the 1990s? Apple went straight […]

What do Meditation and Strategy have in common?

Meditation and Strategy In my last blog, I talked about the process I went through to find equilibrium and define my purpose that led me to join Chameleon Collective. The insights I uncovered through this journey have helped me create guardrails, filter out the noise and focus on what I am meant to be doing: […]

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