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Scott Monty

Scott Monty


Scott was Ford’s first digital communications executive, where he helped turn the company around from 2008–2014, blazing a trail that other corporate social media leads followed. He was ranked by The Economist as #1 atop the list 25 Social Business Leaders; Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally called him “a visionary.”

Scott’s role at Ford positioned him as a strategic advisor across a variety of business functions, including HR, legal, IT, product development, marketing, and customer care. Since then Scott has had advised clients ranging from start-ups and entrepreneurs to IBM, McDonalds, Google, and Walmart on communications and business strategy.

Scott is a trustee of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, a past board member of the American Marketing Association, and has advised a number of tech companies.

He writes the Timeless & Timely newsletter and hosts the Timeless Leadership show, focusing on principles for leadership success.