Scott Monty


Scott Monty

Scott Monty is a communications strategist and storyteller who has the uncanny ability to merge technology and humanity. His ability to frame trends with historical analogies helps the executives he advises avoid shiny object syndrome and stay focused on strategy.

Scott was Ford’s first digital communications executive, where he helped turn the company around from 2008–2014, blazing a trail that other corporate social media leads followed. He was ranked by The Economist as #1 atop the list of 25 Social Business Leaders; Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally called him “a visionary.”

Scott’s role at Ford positioned him as a strategic advisor across a variety of business functions, including HR, legal, IT, product development, marketing, and customer care. Since then Scott has advised clients ranging from start-ups and entrepreneurs to IBM, McDonalds, Google, and Walmart on communications and business strategy.

Scott is a trustee of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, a past board member of the American Marketing Association, and has advised a number of tech companies.

He writes the Timeless and Timely newsletter, to help leaders make sense of today with lessons from the past.