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Fractional Director of Viral Marketing

Chameleon Collective is a unique agency built for businesses ready to break free from the traditional and embrace transformation. We are a collective of industry-leading talent, each with a track record of excellence at top agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and consultancies.

Our specialty lies in providing practical solutions for growth and retention, making us the ideal partner for businesses seeking to overcome challenges they can’t address in-house. We are not your typical agency; we measure our success by the ability of our clients to continue thriving without us. This is where our Fractional Director of Viral Marketing comes into play.

In the digital age, viral marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to gain visibility, build brand awareness, and drive growth. However, effective viral marketing requires a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and deep understanding of digital platforms and audience behaviors. This is where our Fractional Director of Viral Marketing excels. Working closely with your team, they devise and implement viral marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience and align with your brand’s identity and goals. Our Fractional Director of Viral Marketing is not just a consultant but a leader who guides your team through the transformational journey, enabling them to manage the solution independently.

Our Fractional Director of Viral Marketing does not work in isolation. As part of Chameleon Collective, they work alongside a team of experts, each skilled in specific verticals. From brand strategists and growth marketers to CX designers and sales consultants, our team is built to address all aspects of your business growth and transformation. We believe in collaboration and solving problems independently, without the need for constant oversight – a trait that sets us apart from traditional agencies.

The Fractional Director of Viral Marketing service is part of our broader commitment to challenging and transforming how businesses win and retain customers. This service fits seamlessly into our three main company divisions: Lead, Deliver, and Recruit. We equip clients with leaders to guide them through a transformational time, provide expertise and resources to deliver on transformational objectives, and find transformational talent to operationalize the change permanently. Our Fractional Director of Viral Marketing embodies this ethos, leading your team towards sustainable success.

Chameleon Collective is not just a consultancy; we are an extension of your team. We are here to drive meaningful change, marking our objectives as complete when our partnership has empowered you to continue without us. Our Fractional Director of Viral Marketing, along with the rest of our talented team, is ready to help you transform your business and achieve lasting success. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you reinvent, adapt, and grow. Let’s transform business together.

Experts from
the Collective

Tasha Blackman

Tasha Blackman

Interim Marketing Leader

Stephane Gringer

Stephane Gringer

Transformation Catalyst

Rich Stone

Rich Stone

B2B Marketing Consultant

Ray Smale

Ray Smale

Interim CMO: Health & Wellness

Monte Wilson

Monte Wilson

Interim CXO and GTM Executive

Michael Saint-Aubin

Michael Saint-Aubin

Brand Positioning and Strategy

Kim Walls

Kim Walls

Interim Leader CMO/CBO/CSO/CEO

Jonathan Stephen

Jonathan Stephen

Partner | Fractional CMO/CXO

Through these services, we stand ready to boost your marketing capabilities, foster transformation, and set the stage for success.


Connecting on a deeper level with your audience.

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What is the role of a Fractional Director of Viral Marketing?

A Fractional Director of Viral Marketing is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to create viral marketing campaigns that generate buzz and increase brand awareness. They utilize various digital marketing channels and techniques to create content that has the potential to go viral and reach a large audience.

How can a Fractional Director of Viral Marketing help my business?

A Fractional Director of Viral Marketing can help your business by creating engaging and shareable content that has the potential to reach a wide audience. They can increase brand visibility, drive website traffic, and generate leads through viral marketing campaigns. Their expertise in understanding what resonates with online audiences can help your business gain exposure and achieve marketing goals.

What strategies does a Fractional Director of Viral Marketing use to create viral campaigns?

A Fractional Director of Viral Marketing uses a combination of content creation, social media marketing, influencer partnerships, and viral seeding techniques to create viral campaigns. They analyze current trends, consumer behavior, and audience preferences to develop content that is highly shareable and has the potential to go viral.

How do I measure the success of viral marketing campaigns?

The success of viral marketing campaigns can be measured through various metrics such as the number of shares, likes, comments, and views on social media platforms, website traffic generated, conversion rates, and brand mentions. A Fractional Director of Viral Marketing can analyze these metrics and provide insights on the effectiveness of the campaign.

Can a Fractional Director of Viral Marketing help with content creation?

Yes, a Fractional Director of Viral Marketing can help with content creation. They have experience in developing engaging and shareable content that aligns with your brand’s messaging and objectives. They can create various types of content, including videos, infographics, blog posts, and social media posts, to support viral marketing campaigns.

What industries can benefit from viral marketing?

Viral marketing can benefit a wide range of industries. Any business that wants to increase brand awareness, reach a larger audience, and generate buzz can benefit from viral marketing campaigns. Industries such as fashion, beauty, entertainment, food and beverage, technology, and e-commerce have seen success with viral marketing strategies.

How long does it take to see results from viral marketing campaigns?

The timeframe to see results from viral marketing campaigns can vary depending on various factors such as the nature of the campaign, the target audience, and the distribution channels used. Some campaigns may generate immediate results, while others may take time to gain traction. A Fractional Director of Viral Marketing can provide insights on the expected timeline based on your specific campaign goals.

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