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In a dynamic business landscape, growth and transformation are the twin pillars that determine a company’s longevity and success. When businesses are in search of performance marketing solutions that not only boost their growth but also instigate meaningful transformations, they turn to Chameleon Collective.

Our Performance Marketing Consultants are industry leaders, seasoned with experience at top agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and consultancies. They have a proven track record of delivering effective, high-quality solutions that stand the test of time. Unlike traditional agencies that focus on appearances or awards, we prioritize practical solutions that deliver tangible results.

Our Performance Marketing Consultants are specialists in turning challenges into sustainable solutions. They work closely with businesses, embedding themselves into your organization to drive change from within. This unique approach allows us to understand your business inside out, and formulate performance marketing strategies that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives. With Chameleon Collective, you’re not just gaining a service provider, you’re gaining a partner committed to your growth and transformation.

Performance Marketing Consultants play a pivotal role in driving business growth and transformation. They work in tandem with other experts and team members within Chameleon Collective, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. Our consultants are adept at identifying opportunities for growth, formulating strategies, and implementing them effectively. They work independently without the need for constant oversight, a trait that sets us apart from our competition. We believe in collaboration and solving problems independently, a testament to our impactful interventions.

In addition to performance marketing, our consultants are skilled in various verticals, enabling them to provide comprehensive solutions that address every aspect of your business. They work alongside our brand strategists, customer experience designers, sales consultants, and others, ensuring that your business is equipped with the right tools and strategies to sustain growth and transformation long after our partnership.

Chameleon Collective’s Performance Marketing Consultancy is a crucial part of our broader services and practices. It’s a testament to our mission to challenge and transform how businesses win and retain customers. Our ‘Transform Business’ core creative idea is evident in our approach to performance marketing – we transform businesses from within, driving meaningful change and achieving lasting success.

Our services are not limited to a single practice area. Whether it’s branding, marketing, customer experience, commerce, or sales, our consultants are capable of driving transformation across all these areas. Our ability to blend into your organization, lead and energize change from within, and deliver sustained success, makes us an ideal partner for businesses seeking meaningful growth and transformation. So, if you’re looking to transform your business and achieve sustained success, partner with Chameleon Collective, the industry-leading performance marketing consultants.

Experts from
the Collective

Tasha Blackman

Tasha Blackman

Interim Marketing Leader

Stephane Gringer

Stephane Gringer

Transformation Catalyst

Rich Stone

Rich Stone

B2B Marketing Consultant

Ray Smale

Ray Smale

Interim CMO: Health & Wellness

Monte Wilson

Monte Wilson

Interim CXO and GTM Executive

Michael Saint-Aubin

Michael Saint-Aubin

Brand Positioning and Strategy

Kim Walls

Kim Walls

Interim Leader CMO/CBO/CSO/CEO

Jonathan Stephen

Jonathan Stephen

Partner | Fractional CMO/CXO

Through these services, we stand ready to boost your marketing capabilities, foster transformation, and set the stage for success.


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What is a Performance Marketing Consultant?

A Performance Marketing Consultant is a professional who specializes in developing and implementing strategies to drive business growth and increase customer retention through various marketing channels. They focus on optimizing marketing campaigns to achieve specific performance goals and maximize return on investment.

What are the responsibilities of a Performance Marketing Consultant?

A Performance Marketing Consultant is responsible for conducting in-depth market research, analyzing data, and identifying opportunities for improving marketing performance. They develop and execute targeted marketing strategies, manage advertising campaigns, track and measure key performance indicators, and provide recommendations for optimization. They also collaborate with cross-functional teams to align marketing efforts with overall business objectives.

How can a Performance Marketing Consultant help my business?

A Performance Marketing Consultant can help your business by optimizing your marketing efforts to drive better results. They have expertise in identifying the most effective marketing channels, crafting compelling messaging, and targeting the right audience. They can help you increase brand visibility, attract more qualified leads, and improve conversion rates, ultimately leading to business growth and increased customer retention.

What industries do Performance Marketing Consultants specialize in?

Performance Marketing Consultants can specialize in various industries, including e-commerce, technology, finance, healthcare, and more. Their expertise allows them to adapt their strategies and tactics to the specific needs and challenges of different industries, ensuring the best results for their clients.

How do Performance Marketing Consultants measure success?

Performance Marketing Consultants measure success by tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with the client’s goals. These KPIs may include metrics such as conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, return on ad spend, website traffic, and customer lifetime value. By continuously monitoring and optimizing these metrics, they can demonstrate the impact of their strategies and drive meaningful results.

What sets Chameleon Collective’s Performance Marketing Consultants apart?

Chameleon Collective’s Performance Marketing Consultants stand out due to their deep expertise in specific verticals and their commitment to delivering practical solutions for growth and retention. Unlike traditional agencies or consultancies, our consultants are high-achieving independent thinkers who understand the unique challenges businesses face. They leverage their specialized knowledge and skills to provide clients with tailored strategies and drive sustainable success.

How does Chameleon Collective ensure the success of its clients?

Chameleon Collective ensures the success of its clients by employing a team of expert leaders who excel at converting challenges into sustainable solutions. Our consultants take a data-driven approach, conducting thorough research and analysis to develop strategies that align with each client’s specific goals and target audience. They continuously monitor and optimize campaigns to maximize performance and deliver measurable results.

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