Rachael Henriques


Rachael Henriques

A seasoned project manager, Rachael keeps the workflow progressing as companies scale, implement new initiatives or simply need additional bandwidth. Experience includes e-commerce, sports event management, website design and development, D2C marketing and operations, real estate, fintech, adtech, interior design operations, and company rebrands. Other experience includes database management, event planning and execution, copyediting, recruiting, establishing SOPs and workflows.

Rachael’s 15+ years in marketing roles combined with 10+ years of project management experience often results in her serving as a bridge between departments and teams. Her familiarity with many different project management tools and styles is well received by clients who have specific requirements or need recommendations on what the right approach is for their business. A lifelong learner approach to life she is always up for learning a new tool or approach and keeps current by enrolling in ongoing courses and certifications.