Freddie Laker

A veteran digital marketer with experience working with some of the world’s biggest global brands. He now focuses on providing interim leadership to PE-backed firms.


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Freddie Laker takes an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving, helping clients transform their businesses through innovation, new technologies, and unconventional thinking. This has been the foundation which Freddie has built effective marketing strategies for both startups and established global brands for over 20 years.

As an interim or fractional digital leader Freddie works with consumer-focused businesses to help defined and execute ambitious digital strategies that span customer experience enhancements and eCommerce.

Freddie has been successful at founding, leading, and growing companies. Freddie has served as a CEO three times, a CMO twice and a VP of Strategy for one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world, all before founding Chameleon Collective in 2015. During his years within the agency world he lead award-winning campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Toyota, Diageo, and Powerade.
Since founding Chameleon Collective, a consulting firm that supports CEO’s and investors by providing executive leadership, he has held interim marketing leadership roles at various private equity-backed organizations.


Connecting on a deeper level with your audience.

Bugaboo Business Transformation

Snap Finance Business Transformation

SwipeClock Business Transformation

Breeze Business Transformation

Voyager Business Transformation

T-H Marine Business Transformation

Francesca’s Business Transformation

Polaroid Business Transformation

Mielle Organics Business Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Marketing & Ecommerce

Digital Potential Post-Bankruptcy

Polaroid Go Launch

Big Swing Set Project

Interim-to-Permanent CMO

B2C Commerce

Global Retail Sell In

In-House Agency & Processes

Content Development

Seo & Site Design

Brand Storytelling

Brand Relaunch

Strategy & Execution

Performance Marketing

Digital Marketing Leadership

Voicing A Brand

eCommerce Marketing

Chief Digital Officer

eCommerce SEO

B2B & B2C Websites

Global Multi-Lingual WordPress Website

Brand & Customer Experience Development

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