Tena Crock

Interim VP of E-Commerce/CX

Driven by transparency, authenticity, and results, Tena Crock, is an experienced senior level leader with 15+ years of Ecommerce and digital marketing experience.

Through 2016, Tena served as Vice President of eCommerce and digital marketing at The Step2 Company, a manufacturer of children’s toys, where she joined in 2009. In that role, she led two successful website redesigns, increasing conversion rates +130%. Tena also restructured her management team to put the consumer at the center of all strategic initiatives, increasing engagement rates and repeat purchasers.

Prior to Step2, Tena held various senior roles at for seven years and was responsible driving web traffic, email marketing, affiliate growth, on-site engagement and streamlining processes and efficiencies in a start-up environment. She is passionate about start-ups and thrives on taking chaos and turning it into organization. She has served in an advisory role for three children’s focused start-ups; Simplay3, BioVideo, and Pinklejinx.

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