Brian Beise


Brian Beise

Brian Beise is a writer with more than ten year’s experience helping brands connect with their audiences. Brian believes all great communication is concise and rooted in empathy, and he applies that belief to every message he crafts.

For four years before joining the Chameleon Collective, Brian worked for Gary Vaynerchuk, as part of VaynerX. He’s worked with brands like NASCAR, Disney, Sunsweet, Utz, George Dickel, Ole Smoky, and Ruby Falls, consulting on brand strategy, writing video scripts, creating social media content, crafting marketing campaigns, and more.

Voice is rooted in identity. It’s defined by a brand’s history, philosophy, mission, vision, etc. In other words, a brand’s voice is constant. Tone is rooted in empathy. It’s defined by audience, context, and goal. Who’re we talking to? Where and when? What do we want them to think, feel, or do? In other words, a brand’s tone varies. By crafting these two vital elements, Brian has helped clients across industries establish a brand with the consistency and flexibility to thrive.